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Greek Farms is located in Rolla Missouri. We have been raising Katahdin sheep since 2006. We have about 100 Katahdin hair sheep in our flock and are scrapie free. They have a great reputation and truly are "a breed whose time has come."

Our goal is to provide quality breeding stock with an emphasis of strong well develped frames, superior mothering traits, and a balanced weight of gains. Replacement rams and ewes are available, as are market lambs.

Their parasite resistance is excellent. They are easy lambers with good mothering abillity. Since they are hair sheep they and do not require shearing or docking making them low maintenance. Katahdins tend to adapt to all climates and have an extended breeding season.

We also have Boer Goats which are also for meat. The goats help control brush and weeds on the farm. Lastly we raise Angus cows.

We focus our farming operation with a managed intensive grazing system and a grass-based approach to livestock production.They recieve minimal inputs. All our animals are raised as all-natural as possible.

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